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Syvo S-410 (52 inch) Tripod

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  • WELL-BUILD STRUCTURE: Syvo-410 Aluminium alloy legs with nonslip rubber feet which include three flip locks for adjusting the height of each leg in seconds. This tripod weighs 0.48 kgs with the maximum operable load of upto 3 Kgs. Adjusts to your comfort it comes with a maximum height of 4.26 feet & foldable height of 1.47 feet.
  • STURDY & LIGHTWEIGHT: Made of strong yet lightweight aluminum, the tripod transitions effortlessly from one spot to another and transports easily.
  • 3 WAY HEAD WITH ADJUSTABLE PAN: Three way head allows you to easily change the orientation of the camera from portrait to landscape--and almost any angle in between with the handy tilt motion. Turn the knobs to secure. The tripod also allows for full panoramic possibilities with its 360-degree swivel function.
  • POWER BEHIND THE PERFECT PICTURE: When it comes to image quality, the one piece of gear everyone recommends is Syvo-410 Aluminium Tripod. With its stable camera support opens up all sorts of possibilities in terms of low-light shooting, long exposures, panning shots, panoramas and more.

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Syvo S-410 (52 inch) Tripod
Syvo S-410 (52 inch) Tripod
Rs. 749

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