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Syvo S-3520A (60-Inch) Tripod

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  • LIGHT-WEIGHT & STURDY :-Premium finish light weight professional tripod with adjustable height, multi level locking and steady rubberized legs. Height Range: 545 mm - 1524 mm.
  • COMPATIBILITY:- Compatible with most video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras, GoPro devices and smartphones
  • DESIGN:- Multipurpose head with Quick Release helps ensure fast transitions between shots.
  • VERSATILITY- Built-in bubble head to adjust horizontal position and 3-way head with adjustable pan to allow for tilt and swivel motion with portrait or landscape options.
  • LOAD CAPACITY: This professional tripod features multipurpose head for DV camera's, convenient accessories hook to latch all your shoot belongings, recommended max load weight is 5kg for optimal performance.

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Syvo S-3520A (60-Inch) Tripod
Syvo S-3520A (60-Inch) Tripod
Rs. 1,099

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